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Solve WordPress Issues

Solve any kind of WordPress issues. Go to the packages page buy the package and on contact form fill in your paypal email and site URL with a description and we contact you for further details

We will fix Your WordPress Problem/Error/Issues. We do WordPress blogs css,html and other WordPress issues or customize WordPress, fix wp error, edit theme,template or css ,will modify your WordPress blog/website as per your needs ,will resolve your WordPress issue/question ,will move WordPress site to new host ,will help Setup, Customize, Tweak or Style your WordPress Theme ,will convert your website or webpage from html to WordPress ,will install WordPress and your theme, necessary plugins.

We are here to edit your WordPress site at professional level. Even if you face any wp plugin error, we can fix it as well. We will do one main WordPress customization per order. Please message us before placing any such order you have more than one WP customization, please contact us to get a deal before ordering.

We can help you develop your website, add functionality and manage site content COMMON ISSUES WE ARE HANDLING: basic site settings , problems w/ posts & pages , header issues , advice on organizing content , uploading media (photos, audio, videos) , installing &/or configuring a plugin ,CSS , colors & fonts , theme settings/instructions , embedding YouTube/vimeo videos ,creating option forms , plugin suggestions , website critique and more!

Only one issue per order.If you have a more complex order, such as building a website, customizing your WordPress template or starting an online store or We can provide a quote. Btw – We are a web development team too, so contact us for any kind of WordPress issues We will move WordPress site from your current host to new host in complete form.

Move wp site to new host can be a tricky job. We have years experience in helping our clients and friends moving their site to new host. If you want to convert your existing webpage or html website to WordPress you can hire our services for this. Do send us a message before placing the order and discuss the work so that we could understand the job complexities & requirements and quote accordingly.