Easy Navigation within Site and How to Create 404 Custom Error Page – On page SEO Part 5

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XML Sitemap – www.xml-sitemaps.com We all want our site to be crawled and indexed by search engines. The simple navigation helps both visitors and search engine to visit your site with ease. User per se: Generally people on web are impatient. If the first 30 seconds after their landing on your site can grab their attention, only then they will stay on the site or they will directly jump to another site. Bounce rate is generally high on the web. Besides, even after 30 secs on the page, they might not necessarily checkout all the links of your page. Therefore it’s essential to have easy navigation. Search Engine per se: Search engine think that the links on the home page are important. Therefore navigation should be based from Homepage. Besides, homepage is the most frequently visited page of the site. Make use of text links instead of images, as search engine can read text only. The links should be placed from general to specific. The best example of this is Wikipedia. Implement Sitemap for Users and Search Engines A sitemap is a page that displays the structure of your site in a hierarchy fashion. Prepare 2 sitemap one for the users another for the search engines. XML sitemap is read by search engine and HTML sitemap is for users. In case any change is made to the site, make sure to fix the links in the sitemap. Custom 404 Error Page User can spell URL incorrectly or by mistake, can delete either characters of the URL, some user might navigate site in odd ways, what

How to navigate between errors and warnings in Eclipse using the Next/Previous Annotation keyboard shortcuts. Also shows how to fix them quickly using Quick Fix. Part of the series “Eclipse on E”, tips and tricks on working faster in the Eclipse IDE @ eclipseone.wordpress.com
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