Game Maker – “Cannot find valid runner data” -SOLVED!

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Tutorial – How to fix the “Cannot find valid runner data” error Websites: – Game Maker 8.1 Lite: -Game Maker 8.1 Patch: -My support&game Website: My channel: -Sorry if it is hard to understand -Sorry for bad quality and bad english PS: Sorry for my device crashing to the floor… DescriptionTutorial: 1) Open Game Maker Standard. 2) Make a game that includes some actions that cannot be used in Game Maker Lite. 3) Save the game anywhere. 4) Install and open Game Maker Lite. 5) Open the game that you have saved in Standard version. 6) Run the game. 7) When you get the error,click ignore and play your game. I hope the video & Description helped you.So please Like.Leave any comment.or Subscribe. Thanks.
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